House Blend 360 16 oz


[16 oz]

Specialty-grade blend of

Honduras San Manuel SHG EP


Myanmar Greenland FarmĀ 

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Honduras San Manuel SHG EP has fruity fragrance, lively acidity, orange, soft body with smooth finish. More complex variety of Honduras coffee making it a specialty coffee. SHG (Strictly High Grown) specifies that the coffee is grown at an altitude around 1350 meters. Higher altitude and lower temperature produces a slower maturing fruit and a denser bean. EP (European Preparation) specifies that the raw beans are all hand sorted to remove defective beans and foreign material.

Myanmar Green Land is noted for their quality as well as their agricultural practices and innovation, from shade grown coffee to cultivar planting and post-harvest processing, with strict quality control standards throughout. Bright, clean, and crisp, with notes of creamy strawberry, raspberry, watermelon candy, and fruit punch flavors with a lively cranberry acidity and a heavy syrupy body.


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