[16 oz]

Nicaragua La Bendicion Farm, H3,

Myanmar Marlarmyaing


Congo Kivu Kavisa

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[16 oz]

Coffee from Nicaragua La Bendicion Farm, H3 is from the Dipilto-Jalapa Mountains in the northern portion of Nueva Segovia. Coffee from this region of Nicaragua carries the annual characteristics of being very juicy with notes of ripe citrus, possessing fruity sweetness, and having medium body with a creamy mouthfeel.

Coffee from Marlarmyaing Estate, Pyin Oo Lwin, Myanmar is a new coffee with unique cupping notes of tropical candy, honey lime, cocoa with medium acidity.

Coffee from Democratic Republic of Congo’s specialty grade Arabica is grown in the Kivu region. The Kivu areas possess high altitudes, nutrient-rich volcanic soil, and ideal conditions for high quality coffee production. This coffee is named after the Kavisa washing station which is operated by Virunga Coffee, an extension of East African coffee specialist group Schluter. Congo Kivu Kavisa has a unique flavor profile with bright, fruity and complex taste. 

Our mad scientist (barista) created and selected this complex blend after three blind taste testing sessions in Austin, TX.



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